Epoxy paint for stairs at HST – Benefits, professional construction process

On the market today, the paint commonly used to paint stairs is mainly epoxy. In addition, the trend of using epoxy paint for concrete stairs, which makes the stairs not slippery, is very popular and popular among construction investors.

1. What is the staircase epoxy coating?

That epoxy paint is a component epoxy coating that includes paint and curing agent used to coat the surface of stairs with concrete and has the effect of increasing the aesthetics of the concrete stairs, prolonging the age. life for the stairs while protecting the stairs against impacts from the environment.

2. The benefits of epoxy paint for stairs

The concrete staircase epoxy paint has high adhesion and is able to withstand huge loads from machinery and equipment during construction. Epoxy paints are also available in many different colors to suit the needs of each customer.

In addition, the paint also works to prevent dirt and harmful chemicals for users

Cleaning concrete stairs is also so that much simpler.

Using epoxy paint helps stairs have a longer lifespan than stairs that do not use epoxy paint for concrete stairs

3. Step by step process of epoxy coating for stairs

Step 1: Clean the concrete surface of the stairs Use an industrial grade industrial grinder to remove uneven surfaces and create adhesion roughness for easier application. Next, proceed to clean the surface of the concrete stairs with a vacuum cleaner. In uneven stair locations you should use a component epoxy adhesive to treat.

Step 2: Paint an epoxy primer on stairs This is a very important step to help create the bond between the epoxy paint and the concrete floor of the stairs. To help concrete stairs become stiffer. This step helps to create an intermediate link between the concrete floor and the epoxy paint. This primer will penetrate the concrete floor to create stiffness.

Step 3: Sprinkle with quartz sand to help prevent slipping. When making the request, you must have experienced many years in the profession.

Step 4: Carry out the construction of the first coat. Step 5: Conduct a second coat of paint for stairs. Next we start to paint the ingredients 2 times.

Note: You need to mix the paint according to the ratio set by the manufacturer if you want to achieve good results. Quartz sand you need to spread your hands evenly. After constructing the project, it can be used immediately after 1 day. If you want to transport heavy objects and make it directly contact the stairs, it must be left for a period of 7 days.

4. Prestigious and professional staircase epoxy coating construction unit

Epoxy HST is proud to be a unit with many years of experience in the industry. In addition, we also have a team of extremely professional staff with high professional qualifications. Extremely modern equipment to support the best construction process. When you come to Epoxy HST, you will definitely get the most perfect works.

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