HST Company has been operating for 20 years, specializing in chemicals. Adopt a business model that integrates research, production, consumption, construction and after-sales service, has advanced production equipment and uses materials from internationally well-known brands. (for example: Huntsman USA, Rohm Haas, BYK Germany, Henkel, Gas Mitsubishi Japan, Korea KS, China Wanhua Chemical, Suzhou Hechengtian, South Asia plastic resins, Changchun Chemical, etc); Comprehensive international advanced technology, based on the use of high-grade raw materials to research and develop new products of good quality, high grade, high applicability and environmental friendliness, focusing on quality amount of chemical materials and branding. With the needs of international development trends, the company management board agreed to establish in Bac Giang. Since the establishment of the company, adhere to the philosophy of “building a high-tech foundation, cultivating high-tech talents, developing high-tech products and creating a high-tech industry, in the process Constantly evolving from start-up to innovation,> HST continues to maintain honor and dreams, always uphold quality as top priority, business reputation, honesty, commitment to providing customers with high quality products, more better services and strive to achieve new achievements!

Our Company motto is:


Quality No. 1, prestige first, wholeheartedly serving customers

 “Precision design” “Exquisite research and development” “dedicated construction” “elite team” “creating top notch products”, looking forward to sincerely cooperating with friends of all sexes, together create new miracles.