What types of paints ships?

Seagoing vessels operate on the surface of the seawater – where salinity and acidity are high, ships are susceptible to corrosion. In order to avoid corrosion of ships, many people choose to use ship paint to protect their ships. However, marine paints are divided into many categories, and depending on your needs, you will choose for yourself the most suitable marine paint.

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Why does your ship need to use marine paint?

Seagoing vessels are known to be the ideal habitat for floating marine species such as moths, perforated worms, algae, … Marine creatures that settle on the hull, they follow and grow at a rapid speed. face, signify that your ship is running slower and slower.

In order to avoid deceleration and direct effects on the hull, people have chosen to use marine paint with special compounds that are enough to kill harmful microorganisms such as organic compounds. containing tin, copper oxide (I), … Accordingly, when harmful organisms cling to the bottom of the boat, they will immediately die and cannot cling to the bottom of the boat.

sơn tàu biển gồm những loại nào

What are the types of marine paints?

Currently, there are many different types of paint for ships. In general, marine paints are used to protect ships, the outer coating will become an impregnable layer against acids and corrosion of seawater. This helps the ship to be perfectly protected, increasing the life of the ship.

Depending on the factors, the needs that we will have a seagoing ship paint that is suitable for our maritime business. There are many ways to classify marine paints such as: classification by physical properties, classification by paint function (antifouling paint, anti-rust coating, finishing coating, …), … In this article, painting HST would like Share with customers how to classify ship paints by physical properties as follows:

– Acrylic original marine ship paint:

This is a one component paint, independent of temperature, with good adhesion and water resistance. With 1 component paint you can use directly without needing to mix any other solution.

– Alkyd original marine paintwork:

Alkyd paint is a chemically modified oil paint. The special feature of this paint line is that it dries quickly, is resistant to water and is also better at abrasion than other marine paints. Suitable for decks, superstructures, ship engines, …

– Vinyl-based paint:

A one component marine paint, which dries quickly depending on temperature, and has a low solid content, making it difficult to peel between successive layers.

– Two-component Epoxy paint:

Is a coating consisting of component A: base part, and component B: curing agent. Two-component epoxy paint is the most common marine paint.

– Polyurethane paint with 2 components:

This paint is weather resistant, does not discolor.

– Paint Mastic marine ships:

Is a paint capable of deepening, thickening up to 400 microns / layer

On the market there are many different types of marine paints, from high-end to low-end to ensure to meet your needs.

Coming to Epoxy HST with high quality paint products, customers will be consulted specifically about each line of marine paint from quality, characteristics to the best price in Hanoi.

Epoxy paint HST offers commitments for the benefit of customers as follows:

• Genuine sales commitment – Quality as committed

• Reasonable price – price competitive with the market

• Paint has genuine warranty up to 5 years on the product

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