What is oil-based epoxy paint? Uses and advantages like?

Oil-based epoxy paints you will see much appear on floors in industrial zones such as factories, factories, … Epoxy oil paints possess many outstanding advantages so they are very popular for these floors . In addition, it also enhances the aesthetics and aesthetics of the floor surface with fresh colors, shine, smoothness, durability, and difficult to fade over time. Today let us go into details to answer questions such as: What is oil-based epoxy paint? Advantages and disadvantages like? Application where? Should I use it?

1. What is oil-based epoxy paint?

Oil-based epoxy paint has 2 components, because it is an oil-based system, so when preparing, it is necessary to combine with a certain ratio of solvents, this depends on the type of paint, this is also the reason that is also called. another name is solvent-based epoxy coating. Oil-based epoxy based paint is often used in the construction of paint on concrete floors with resistance to abrasion, friction, withstand large loads, high adhesion. Possesses a series of specific features such as:

+ Bearing, impact resistance, rubbing

+ Hard bottle surface, high durability

+ Good corrosion resistance in moderation, withstand impact force below 3 tons

+ Characterized by a smooth and glossy coating, it is convenient to clean and clean

+ Chemical resistance, water repellency, … bad impacts on the concrete floor

+ The paint color is beautiful, fresh, and very difficult to fade if the oil-based epoxy coating is applied according to the correct process and technique

2. Application of oil based epoxy floor paint

Oil-based epoxy floor paint depending on different needs and uses to choose from. But have many choices in concrete painting projects such as factories, factories, basements, chemical factories, … In addition, they are also selected in some solutions to protect steel structures in the fields sectors such as shipbuilding, boat, ordinary steel, …

3. Advantages and disadvantages of oil-based epoxy paint


+ Satisfying popular needs: Many factories and factories just need to respond well to the ability to resist dirt, for easy cleaning. As well as the basic capacity of workers from commuting, light transportation, meeting 5S standards and some basic standards for factories and factories. Therefore, investors often choose oil-based epoxy primers as the most effective solution today.

+ Construction of oil-based epoxy paint quickly: With a time of only a few days, you already own 1 epoxy oil-painted concrete floor with an area of ​​several thousand m².

+ Cheap price: With oil-based epoxy paint price falling between 70,000 – 180,000 VND, this is the cheapest price compared to other epoxy paints. The lifespan lasts from 3-5 years, is a very profitable and profitable investment.

+ High aesthetics: The color of oil-based industrial epoxy paint is very diverse, comfortable to choose the appropriate color. Painted surface is glossy, smooth, smooth, bright color. Make the overview look very nice and professional. Impress customers when wishing to visit factories and factories.


+ Quite toxic: This is also a drawback and minus point in this paint, solvents and toxic volatile ingredients affect those who use oil-based epoxy paints. Therefore, you should only use the floor after about 1 week, to allow the paint film to harden and remove the unpleasant odor.

+ The level of flatness only falls within a fair range: Because it depends on the topography of the concrete floor, the floors with many ripples, unevenness, scratch or peeling phenomenon occurs. Therefore, it is often necessary to attach effective measures to ensure that the quality reaches 80-90%.

+ Can only be used on floors with humidity <10%, and greater than 10%, do not apply oil-based epoxy paint because it is difficult to own a quality and beautiful floor as desired. Now need to switch to another paint that is more resistant to moisture.

4. Common oil-based epoxy paints

The types that are widely used are:

+ PS50, PS60 oil-based epoxy primers

+ Epoxy paint roller system ADO10, ADO20

+ Oil-based epoxy paint ADO122

+ ADO40 self-leveling oil based epoxy paint

5. Is it difficult to apply oil-based epoxy paint?

During the consulting process, the question is: Is it difficult to apply oil-based epoxy paint? many customers are interested. We would like to answer that: The process is just like other epoxy paints, so it is necessary to have a professional process, correct technique and be performed by a skilled construction team. It will be difficult and ineffective for a fledgling construction unit, it is quite easy and highly effective with a unit with long experience such as Epoxy HST.

6. Address of professional epoxy floor coating construction – prestige

If you still have any questions that have not been answered or need advice on industrial epoxy coating solutions, please contact us via website or hotline: 0366.018.885 for the best service. .

Epoxy HST with a reputation for nearly 20 years operating in the field of providing quality epoxy floor paint construction services today. Products and services are durable, beautiful, difficult to fade, long service life. A team of highly specialized, experienced, well-trained technical staff offering many effective solutions for customers. Dedicated and attentive care service, always delivered on schedule. Please contact us immediately for a quotation for oil-based epoxy paints in particular and epoxy paints in general.

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