What are the advantages of a hardener? Why should use floor hardener? What is hardener floor? To learn the above issues, let’s find HST Epoxy in this article.

Hardener floor overview

Hardener floors, also known as concrete floors, are coated with hardener chemicals on the surface of the concrete floor and polished with a floor grinder or concrete scraper to achieve a certain gloss. Hardener is a liquid like: sikafloor, kretop … this type of liquid is environmentally friendly, the purpose is to give the surface of newly constructed concrete or industrial floors certain luster and even other function against negative impacts of the environment upon completion.

This chemical plays a very important role for today’s buildings for the purpose of hardening, bonding and anti-wear for concrete floors. Application of hardener flooring Hardener floors are often used for projects such as factories, factories, industrial parks, apartments, commercial centers, supermarkets, basements, … The hardener floor construction is to improve quality and improve the floor surface in the best way. In order to increase the perfection of the polishing usually, the polishing will be combined with specialized equipment such as: industrial floor grinders, industrial floor cleaners, industrial floor scrubbers and necessary tools to support assistance for polishing.

ưu điểm của sàn hardener

Advantages and reasons why hardener flooring is used

Following are the advantages that make hardener flooring play a role in today’s constructions:

-Protect the floor from negative impacts such as: moisture, dirt, chemicals …

-Easy to clean when finished.

-Save maintenance and maintenance costs.

– Increases the stiffness of the floor for extended service life.

– Extremely good adhesion. – Resistant to strong impacts by the improved bearing strength.

– Friendly with the environment and people around.

ưu điểm của sàn hardener

Above are the benefits needed to meet the needs of today’s investors. In addition, the reason why customers choose hardener for construction is because its uses have many effects on customers’ needs such as: not leaving dirt on the floor, quickly cleaning, The floor surface has its own aesthetic that brings a feeling of freshness and airiness.

With the above benefits as well as the above reasons it can be said why the hardener application can be so popular. It can be seen how important this liquid form to present buildings plays a role based on the popularity it has been applied to buildings.


Through this article, Epoxy HST hopes that customers will get the necessary information and understand what advantages of hardener floor are? Why is it applied so much to today’s projects as well as understand the importance it brings. All questions need to be answered, please contact Hotline: 0366.018.885 for advice and construction quotation.

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